Whether you generate construction debris, clean fill, RRC materials, non-hazardous industrial or non-industrial materials, HPP can recycle these into a number of products.  We can create road base, embankment/backfill, Rip-Rap and other commercial products.

Streamline Your Operational Efficiency. Bring us Your Waste and Haul Back Your Product.

You can deliver the materials to us or contact us for transportion. If you have the need for products on your site, HPP can provide on-site production services for base, embankment and backfill materials.

Since 2004, HPP has maintained its certification for TxDOT’s Material Producer List (MPL) to recycle materials and produce quality, environmentally safe products.

What Non-Hazardous Materials Can Be Recycled?

Asphalt Pavement
Road Base
Construction Debris
Spent Lime



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